CURIO Hates Ugly Cat Litter Boxes

Chunkers Walnut CURIOWe hide them in closets, tuck them under sinks, and push them into dark corners. That’s because the typical cat litter box is usually ugly, plastic, and not something you’d want to be out on display in your home. But why does it have to be that way?

CURIO was born to solve that very problem. Founders Heather and Damian love their cats and they also love clean, modern design.

They set out to create functional, beautiful pieces of modern furniture for their kitties that would fit into their cozy San Francisco home. So they began building prototypes from wood samples, and then commissioned local woodworkers in San Francisco to meticulously build what are now the CURIOs you see today.

During the prototype phase, Heather and Damian’s two Devon Rex cats Dolly and Chunkers tesmaple-product-page-static-imageted out the designs and gave their feedback to ensure cats everywhere would love them. And we think you (and your cats) will love the CURIO enough to display it out in the open.

Today, CURIOs are still hand crafted and they come in a variety of woods (mahogany, walnut, walnut with pattern, maple, and zebrawood) to match any home décor. You can also buy the litter liner at the same time or put a standard bed inside for a luxe cat lounge.

With CURIO, we believe it is possible to love your home and your pet. Visit our online store or drop by our Etsy shop to order your CURIO today.