Used as either a modern cat litter box solution or modern cat house, CURIO is a beautiful and compact piece of high quality furniture that seamlessly integrates into your living space.
  • Real wood—CURIO is made entirely from premium walnut europly
  • Nesting lid removes easily for interior access
  • Pre-finished and water resistant for easy cleaning (in case of spills or misses, just wipe down with a damp cloth)
  • Moisture wicking dual-vented design for maximum odor control
  • Economically and conveniently ships flat
  • CURIO assembles easily in minutes.

Complete Litter Box Solution
To use CURIO as a complete cat litter box solution, purchase our perfect-fit CURIO Litterbox Liner. Alternatively you can use your own litter pan.

Interior: 14.25″W x 20.25″L x 16.5″H
Exterior: 15.75″W x 21.75″L x 20.25″H
Entry Hole: 7.5″W x 7.5″H (Entry hole is 10.5″ from floor)

Ship Weight:
25 lbs / Ships flat

Other CURIO Models:
Walnut + Pattern

19 reviews for Walnut

  1. A. Calnan

    Absolutely love this litter box! It is very attractive in any room. Keeps litter inside the box (for the most part – since I have a couple of cats who think they are digging to the other side of the world so some litter comes out). The liner is easy to clean. The covered cabinet also keeps some of the smell in check. I did ask for extra liners and happily paid for the extra shipping. Sometimes I am on the go and have to switch a liner quickly and deal with washing the dirty one later. Very helpful and friendly folks who are happy to help you with questions!

  2. A. Weber

    Well made and a refreshingly great design in a barren product field. Cat took to it right away. The price still hurts though.

  3. Angela R.

    Beautifully built product–the best litterbox option for a contemporary home that I have found!!

  4. J. Moore

    We had a situation where our older cat was guarding the litter box and not allowing our newer, younger addition use it. Apparently, this is not too uncommon. The solution is to add more litter boxes in other locations, but our house is very small, so we were going to have to get creative. We have the CURIO in our living room near where the younger cat hangs out. She loves it. It’s her personal toilet. We don’t notice any odor, and it blends in with the other furniture.

  5. Corrie G.

    Love love love! We couldn’t find a litter box big enough for our ragdoll but this did the trick. It’s beautiful and easy to put together.

  6. Ann C.

    The curio cat product is beautiful, well made, and the cats seem to like it! (I bought two!)

  7. E. Rauch

    I am so happy again and again that I bought this litter box!! It was super easy to assemble and the liner inside sits nice and tall. I could not have brought myself to have an open litter box just sitting in the corner. Most cat supplies you see in the stores are pretty ugly but, this is just perfect!

  8. S. Switzer

    We love this Curio litter box solution! We have 3 cats and they all use it happily, even our crotchety, 13 year old arthritic cat. The liner fits perfectly so there is no room for mess inside the box. It is solid, beautiful and very smart design!

  9. Anna Q.

    Gorgeous, easy to assemble, exactly as described, and wonderful communication with the Curio staff. Thanks!

  10. B. Jones

    Amazing product. Love the 1.45 minute Web tutorial, love the pan that fits perfectly, I love everything about and so do my cats. When to it right away. I’d love to see you invent a few other items…maybe a modern cat tree or a cat shelf. The litter box are truly wonderful and worth every penny! I would absolutely recommend family, friends, anyone with a cat or multiple cats (like me I have three) to buy this product. You will not be disappointed. Kudos to you for sharing this amazing product!

  11. L. Hoffman

    This designer litter box from CURIO was easy to assemble and a beautiful end result, but the very first time our cat went in this litter box, she turned around and peed directly out of the opening! We were worried she was doing that because she had always had litter boxes with flap enclosures, but thankfully that was a one time occurrence and she quickly adjusted to her new box! I might be projecting my own feelings on to my cat, but I think it’s her favorite litter box yet. She also likes that she can sit on top of the box to look out the window now. I like that I can see this lasting forever, only needing to buy a new liner as needed in the future. At this point though, after a few months, the liner is still in great shape.

  12. N. Hotchkiss

    Beautiful, sturdy, easy to assemble!

  13. Krystel M.

    I am so excited I purchased your product! I never thought I would be in love with a litter box, but I am. And I’m in love with your litter liner! Thank you for the smart design, easy clean up, great look and being tall enough to stop the flurry of litter thrown out of the box by my silly kitty. Nicely done. Meow.

  14. Ruth Levi

    We received this beautiful piece of furniture today…it was super easy to assemble and my cats seem to LOVE it…they are big rag dolls and they fit in it just fine. Thank you!

  15. Lauren Smith

    Absolutely love this litter box!!! Such quality craftsmanship and really roomy for my tall cat. I constantly get compliments on what a great piece of furniture it is. Would totally recommend!

  16. Conan F.

    We had been looking to replace our old plastic cat box behind a screen with something a bit more classy for a while, when we happened upon the Curio. This thing looks fantastic in our hallway and really complements our decor. We have 2 cats so this gets used all the time and they took to it just fine, which was a concern for us being our first covered hatbox. The litter liner is durable and works very well for scooping and changing out the litter. Overall, well worth the price of admission and I would highly recommend.

  17. Katharine

    I have this for a little over a week now and I love it! My cats had no problem using it and it was fairly easy to put together. I searched around for awhile for an attractive litter box option and this was the best I found for the price.

  18. Kelly Chenault

    We recently moved to NYC and had to find a way to cleverly and elegantly disguise our litter box in plain view. We had previously put the litter box in a far off bathroom in our basement where we never had to see or smell the box! We looked at so many options, but none had the sense of design like the Curio. We opted for the walnut and it now sits in our entry hall where it doubles as stand for our mail cubby. We love it and get lots of great feedback from our guests. Both of our cats easily adjusted to the box with no problems. This is a product worth the investment for sure. Love it. Easy to put together too.

  19. S. Muller

    So happy to have found something that we don’t have to hide! No more half-opened doors. My boy Butch is out of the closet at last! We’re both better for it.

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